Denmark's Musing Delight

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Mature Zoe Zane Lingerie Escort

TLC Companionship Encounters Incall - San Jose, California

Welcome to my Universe and thank you for your attention.
My companionship is definitely memorable and will linger in the quiet parts of your mind forever.
I 'm an abundance of nectar and creative expressions. Where? Quietly in your ears.
My musing gifts of seduction will lift your body and soul to higher levels of relaxation and joy. YES, joy!
I come to you from the heart, past centuries of wonderment long forgotten in our fast pace of living.
I'm the courier of a joyful life.
Giving and receiving, letting go, discovering who we really are will be my gifts to you.
You will enjoy stimulating, educated conversations from a professional theatrical performer,
tantric enhancer and fine arts connoisseur.

I'm sure your are curious, so I invite you to the most perfect visit your mind has imagined.
And, maybe a tad more. Euphorically yours, Zoe Zane

Tantric Coach for a "Joyous Happy Life"

Fetish/Power Play Game Expert


You only live once. We will spoil each other. Yes, the perfect seduction getaway and you will be
the envy of everyone with this delightful, engaging beautiful female on you arm. Everything you see right now is an illusion.
We spend our whole lives figuring out how we fooled ourselves.
When we see that, we become enlightened.

Create your delicious vacation/getaway:

Dance of Delight - Teasing on Stripper Pole
Compression Hand Chakhra Treatments
Seductive Shakti (Divine Female) with adoring lingerie
Tantric embellishments for Shiva (Male)
Jungle Girl (Letting Go)
Fantasies with a twist from A to Z
Extras: Abundance and manifestation for your affluent, opulent life.
Happiness Coaching for Great Joy (happiness is a choice)


Incall South Bay Area - California

60 mins. $400
90 mins. $600
2 hrs. $750
3 hrs. $1100
Incall with Couples 60 mins. $550

San Francisco: $1500 2 hrs. (minimum)
Silicon Valley : $1000 2 hrs. (minimum)
Outcall Travel Rates:
8 hours: $2800
Overnight: $4000 (12 hrs. all day or all night)
24 hours: $7000 all day and night
48 hours: $10,000 2 days and 2 nights
* Other possible encounters available


Contact Miss Zoe Zane

Avoid Disappointment
E-mails with only one sentence will be deleted.

Please plan ahead for I am booked 1-2 weeks in advance.

New clients, I require a minimum of 90 minutes.
Due to the large volume of inquiries, your information, first and last name,
date and time, state etc. about yourself will be responded to first.
This is for my protection, and I know you understand.
All information is private, strictly confidential. When I call your line of work,
I will ask to be directed to you voicemail with no questions asked.
I'm extremely discreet in my safe location


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